A NEW BOOK for beginner and experienced traders alike!

 The Idiot & The Moon

by Randall Ashbourne 

This new book will teach you to trade the mood swings of the monthly Lunar cycle with Mr. Ashbourne’s mechanical filter – “The Idiot”, using the Galactic Trader™ software.  

Chapter 1: Mr. Ashbourne offers simple instructions on how to create a chart template in Galactic Trader  to provide reliable profits.

Chapter 2: Learn how to apply the phases of the Moon to stock market trading.  See exactly when to buy and sell. More importantly, learn when to expect probable failure of the statistical tendencies.

Chapter 3: You will learn how different idices and stocks react to different planets.  Learn to create charts with Price targets.

The Technical Section:  Learn how to use specific technical tools, including The Canaries… a tool that gives you an early warning to get ready to go long, or get out!

This eBook is available in “read” format and is password and print protected.  You can highlight key sections or add "sticky notes" using Adobe Acrobat Reader X (Download it for free using the link below).  It may be possible to load the file in an iTunes library for reading on an iPad or similar device.


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