Frequent Asked Questions

Quick start instructions.
I have 10 years of data but can see only 2 months. How increase the number of bars?
What are these 2 green squares on the screen?
How to preserve my data when changing computers?
The data feeder is working but the program is not collecting data?
Changing real time data feed
How to create an end of day chart?
How to split a stock?
How to change the default exchange?
How to import ascii data?
How to export ascii data?
How to stop or begin the beep for the real time ticks?
How to edit a bar?
How to use the Templates?
How to use the Trend Lines alarms?
How to use the Least Square Channel alarms?
What is and how to use the Box Information tool?
Where I can get information of the Patterns Indicators that are in the program?
I don't know what the contract specifications are for the symbol I want to trade. What do I do?
What to type on trading times for the SP Mini and Nasdaq Mini all sections (GLOBEX)?