for TC2000
v3.12 or later

1. A Simple Procedure.
After installing he program run it, the first screen is the password screen that will be used when you decide to buy the program. During your 30 day trial just click OK.
Make sure that your TC2000 data is updated and your TC2000 data CR Rom is in the computer. We recommend that you leave it in there all the time while using the Galactic Trader.
This way you will have access to a greater number of bars. As you may know TC2000 saves in your hard disk just the latest updates for the database, majority of the data is in the CD Rom.

2. Create a New Chart 
To create a new chart just press the F4 key on your keyboard, a window will appear asking you a symbol. Type the symbol and click OK. The program will search for that symbol on the TC2000 database and get the data.
A daily chart will appear on the screen.

3. Opening an already created chart.
Click on File and then on Chart List.
A window will appear with a list of all charts you created previously.
To open a chart DOUBLE LEFT CLICK on the chart line. All indicators, text, systems, etc that you plotted into the chart before will still be there.
When open, a chart will show a small icon on the front of the line.
To close a chart DOUBLE LEFT CLICK again.

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