Galactic Trader Indicators

Use the indicator window to add indicators to your charts.  The top window pane lists the indicators that will be applied to your chart.  The bottom window pane contains a list of all available indicators.  Simply scroll to the indicator(s) of you choice, highlight and click add.  You can also add an indicator to the list by double clicking it.

  You may want to change the parameters of an indicator before applying it to a chart.  To do so, highlight the indicator and click edit.  Double clicking on an indicator in the top window pane will also open the edit indicator window.

  The first setting allows you to select what type of price you want the indicator to use for its calculation.  The available options are shown in the window below.  Note that you can also tell the indicator to use another indicator as its calculation.

  You can also edit the values that the indicator uses as well as offset the indicator.  For offset, use only positive numbers.  Use the tabs on the right side of the menu to change how the indicator looks and where it will be drawn on the chart.  The style tab allows you to select the thickness and spacing of the indicator line.

  Use the sub chart tab to tell the program where it should place the indicator in your chart.  Chart 1 will place the indicator in the same window as the price bars.  Charts 2-6 will place the indicator below the price bars.

  Use the symbol tab to select what kind of symbol to use to denote the indicator value.

  Use the draw type tab to  change how the indicator will be drawn on the chart.

  X position is used to offset the indicator in front or behind the price bars.

  Use the alarm/results tab to set alarms.  If you want an audible alarm to sound and an alarm window to pop up on the screen then place a check mark in the 'alarm on condition' box.  Select the trade type and where the trade is to occur.  Placing a check mark in the 'show trades on chart' box will place buy and sell arrows on the chart when a trade occurs.

  Placing a check mark in the 'show values' box will display the actual indicator values on the chart.  See the chart below. 

  This chart shows the MACD Histogram in a sub chart.  It is using the other indicator (moving average) in the indicator list (top window pane of the indicator window) as its calculation.  The type of indicator and its parameters will be shown in the top left of the same sub chart as the indicator is drawn.  Double clicking on the indicator name will take you to the edit window for that indicator.  Right clicking on the indicator name will bring up a  menu allowing you to edit, show or do not show, delete, or display the results of that indicator.


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