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A template is a complete configuration of a chart.  It will save all the characteristics of a chart including systems, indicators, colors and formats.

To save a Template double click on the chart and select Template, Save or Save as new. Save will replace the actual Template in use with the parameters of the current chart. Save as new will create a new Template with the parameters of the chart in use.
To open a Template double click on the chart or press the button.  Double click a template to open it or highlight the desired template and select open from the template menu.  You can also access the template window by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard.

When your chart is using a Template, the name of the template will appear on the chart as the last item listed after any indicators or system names.  You can also click on the template name to show the Template menu.
If you set AUTOREPLACE to ON in the template menu any time you alter the chart the Template will be modified. In addition, every chart that includes this same template will be modified to match the newly changed configuration.
Example : Template 1 has a moving average of 7 periods. We open Template 1 on charts A and B. Charts A and B now have a moving average of 7 periods.  We now set  AUTOREPLACE to ON in both charts from the template right click menu. If we now change the moving average in chart A to 9 periods and then save Template 1, this will save Template 1 with a moving average of 9 periods and will also update chart B with this new configuration because chart B also uses Template 1 and has AUTOREPLACE set to ON.

To delete an existing Template right click the template name and select delete from the menu. You can also delete templates by hitting the F8 key or selecting the template button and selecting delete from the template menu.
To stop a link of a chart with a Template or hide it's name right click on the template name in the chart and select  Hide Template Name.


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