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Information about the
Volumetric Bars TM

VolumetricTM Bars
are an important concept if you trade Stocks and Shares.

To change the bar type to VolumetricTM Bars, click on the Fibonacci Trader name on the chart or click on the options button.


They do not look like regular bars, more like "Boxes", WHY?
With this concept you can see the bar's price range as well as the volume plotted in one bar. The height of each bar represents price but the width of the bar represents volume using 1 of  3 different volumetric methods the trader selects.

Volumetric #1.
Volume is calculated using the 'Lowest Volume' during the last 'n' number of bars.

Volumetric #2.
Volume is calculated using the 'Average Volume' of the last 'n' number of bars.

Volumetric #3.
Volume is calculated using a 'Fixed Volume' value, as defined by the user. For example, if you select 1,000,000  as your 'base value' and the day you are analyzing has a volume of 2,000,000 then the bar will be twice as wide as the 'base value' bar. Obviously the wider the bar in relation to previous bars, the more important your signal can be.

Of course, the Fibonacci Trader handles all time periods volume in the same way, down to the 1 minute bar. If you trade intraday the data vendors that the Fibonacci Trader can collect volume in real time are: S&P Comstock, Signal, BMI, DTN, PCQuote and Quote.com. Data vendors  that use DDE Links will only collect the last trade price.

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