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(Real Time Version)

The Galactic Trader RT needs to know the difference in time between your computer time and the time where the exchange is. 
The program uses the difference in hours between your local time (computer time) and the exchange time to calculate the correct time for each tick it receives in real time from your real time data vendor.
When run for the first time the Galactic Trader will use the time zone set in your windows operating system and update all exchange time zones.  As you start the program for the first time click File, exchanges, edit exchanges to see if the time zones are set correctly.
Click on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE. The time zone must be 0 (zero) if you are on EST. If you are west of the NYSE you will subtract hours. So, if your computer time is set to the Central Time zone, the time zone should  be 1. If you computer is set to Mountain Time, the time zone should be 2. If your computer time is set to Pacific Time, the time zone should be -3. If you are to the East of EST then you will add hours. For example,  if you are in London you will add 5 and the time zone for the NYSE will be +5, Germany +6, Singapore +13....
To change all exchanges at the same time click EXCHANGES on the exchanges window menu. You will have the options.

     Add one hour on all time zones - this will add one hour to all exchanges.
     Subtract one hour from all time zones - this will subtract one hour from all exchanges.

Always check to see that the difference in hours from your computer to New York time is correct.

This value is always calculated as your computer time MINUS the time at the exchange.  This way we always will use the exchange time for opening and closing time of the symbol being tracked.

The DEFAULT EXCHANGE that comes with the program is the NYSE. When you press the F5 key the add symbol window will open to insert symbols using the NYSE parameters. Note that the default exchange has a drawing of a hand to the left of the default exchange name.
To change the default exchange right-click on the exchange you want, a popup menu will appear, then click SET AS DEFAULT.

You can also click on a exchange and then click on the Symbols button, all symbols for that exchange will appear and you can add symbols for that exchange by pressing F5.

When adding symbols using the F5 function, the parameters used are defined by the Trading Times, Default Unit, Division, Delay and Minutes to Wait after the Close of the exchange to which you are adding symbols.

You can create an exchange if needed.

Lets create the AMEX.
Type AMEX in the Exchange Name box, type the time zone, type the Real Time Delay in minutes if you receive delayed data.
Click the Add button.
Click on the Default Trading Time button. Type the trading times. In this case (Monday to Friday, 9:30 to 16:00). Click OK.
Click on the Default Unit button. Select the default unit price and click OK.
Click on the Default Division that you want for this exchange. In this case click on Stocks.
Click SAVE.
Click Exit to close the Exchanges window


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