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(for Galactic Trader 4.0 EOD only)

Click on File, Symbols, New Symbol.

The Create New Symbol window will open.

Select End of Day in the Create New Symbol window, you will have a list of data supplier formats that GT is compatible with.

In this window you do not need to enter the symbol, but you do need to enter the file format where the data will be collected.


For the new TC2000 version 4 or later format you just need to select the format 3-TC2000-V4, type the symbol that you want in the Symbol box and click OK. Also you can just press F4 on your keyboard, type a new symbol and click OK, the chart will be created using the TC2000 database.

 In this example we will create an End of Day symbol  for the stock Eastman Kodak  that will be updated through a file that has MetaStock format.

Click the Select button and the Select File window will open.

Using the drive list, and the folder list, find the MASTER file that you want to use. A MASTER file is a Metastock file that has contains a list of all the symbols your data provider gives you. For CSI format the file to look for is QMASTER,  Computrac calls the file 'MASTER', and for the new Metastock 6.52 format look for the file called EMASTER.

If you want select a folder that you want to store this chart under the End Of Day Section.



In the lower window you will see the list of all files in the MASTER file. Select the one you want, in this case Eastman Kodak and click OK.

Click OK in  the Create New Symbol window and the chart will be created.

 Auto Create - If you click on Auto Create  charts will be created for all symbols in the master file. Now go to the Charts list (click Chart on the Main Menu) and look in the End of Day folder and then the sub-folder you chose. Open any chart from this location.

For TC2000 Version 3 format you will see a window as shown below.



Use the drive list and the folder list to find the symbol that you want. Click on the file name of the symbol. In the above picture we found the SP-500.NDX file that is located in the TC2000\S folder. Click the OK button.

You will return to the create new symbol window and you will see the name of the file that you selected  in the Description box  In this case S:\TC2000\S\SP500.ndx.

Click the OK button. The chart will be created.


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