GT can be purchased as a real time program or End of Day. 
You can run it using real time data which aids in timing
entries, and allows daytrading using planetary data.  All data is updated in
real time.  You have a live planetary time clock which updates in real time,
and gives you the exact times for any aspect you may want to see, including
any odd angles you might want to preset.  QHT is End of Day only, and does
not include the live planetary time clock.

GT includes the database of approximately 3000 natal dates for stocks, which
you can access directly from the price charts.  You can double click on the
price chart to see the natal chart for incorporation or first trade.  If the
symbol is not in the database you can add it.  You can edit the database
too.  QHT does not have this function.

GT includes the Aspects section, which allows you to see any aspect you
choose on a price chart in "painted" bars.  In other words, if you want to
see 120 degree aspects between Mars and Jupiter, it will paint the bars on
the days where that aspect occurs.  You can do this for almost any planetary
occurrance under the sun.  This is a great aid when researching historical
charts.  QHT does not have this section.

GT can be combined with the Fibonacci Trader program, to include all of the
great technical tools and systems that FT brings.  The two together make
what we consider to be the most powerful trading tool on the planet.  QHT
cannot be combined with FT.

GT can be upgraded with the FAR module, which allows you to do statistical
surveys of historical planetary-market correlations.  FAR also contains the
tools of Ray Merriman.  QHT cannot be upgraded with FAR.

GT has the Universal Clock function, which allows you to see the planets and
price together on the wheel of 24.  This is useful if you have read Jeanne's
Universal Clock book and want to apply it to the markets without having to
do it by hand.  You can apply any symbol to the wheel by choosing from the
menu, and set all the parameters for price, time, etc.  QHT does not have
the Universal Clock.

GT has the Planetary Prices section, which allows you to view harmonic
systems of planetary lines for years ahead and past.  You can set the
harmonic degree value to any setting, and define the price range to view.
This is especially helpful when you want to find major aspect price levels
in the future or past.  QHT does not have the Planetary Prices function.

GT has a much larger selection of Planetary price lines, including
declinations, latitudes, planets averages, and ascentions.  QHT only has the
basic planetary longitude lines.

GT has the Astronomical Time Bands function which allows you to project time
bands in calendar days or trading days from a given point.  QHT does not
have this function.

GT has the Planets Positions function, which allows you to Shift+Right Click
on any price bar to see the positions of the planets at that moment in time.
QHT does not have this function.

GT has a larger set of standard technical indicators, about 20 more than

GT has a Systems function, which allows you to create technical and
planetary systems to apply to charts.  Technical systems can then be
backtested for profitability, whereby you can produce a results page with a
P&L for any system you design.  Planetary systems cannot be backtested -
that's a bit too complex.  Both GT and QHT have the templates function,
which is virtually the same thing.  I prefer the systems to templates

GT can be upgraded with the Shockwave tool.  QHT cannot, but we are working
on that, and it will be available in QHT soon.

QHT has the HARMONIC TOOLBAR, which makes planetary analysis so simple it's
not even funny.  This toolbar is not available in GT, because it's too
complex a programming job to undertake, given the complexity of the program
as it already stands.  We hope to put it in someday, but probably not until
we rewrite the program again.

Both programs have a graphic ephemeris, and all of the charting options
(i.e. candlesticks, line graphs, etc. ) are identical in both programs, as well
as the drawing and text tools.