Galactic Trader Rental Information

Rental price is US$45.00 per month for the real time version or U$35.00 per month for the End of Day version.

The first month you pay the monthly US$45.00 (or US$35 is end of day), plus US$35.00 setup fee, pllus US$25.00 S&H for USA users, international shipping is US$80.00.
You will receive a CD with the program and a hardware key (dongle), the dongle you can choose between a printer port dongle or an USB port dongle.


You can stop the rental any time you want, but you MUST send back the dongle.
All the information is on a small agreement that you must fill, sign and send back to us.

Click here to get the agreement (PDF format)

We accept

All prices are subject to change without notice.
We use FEDEX for our shipping.
Rental payments may NOT be applied toward purchase of the software.

To order call 904 260-1515,  fax 904 260-3733 or e-mail.

Or to subscribe using paypal click the button below

you still need to send payment for shipping and setup fee, please contact sales for more information.

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