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Edit Bar

  The edit bar button will open an information window for the last bar seen on the chart.  You can also see the same information window for any bar in the chart by right clicking on the desired bar. The right and left arrows in the information window allows you to scroll through the bars.

To edit a bar click on the edit button seen in the information window above.  From the window below you can edit price and volume as well as delete the bar or delete all bars for that date.

Pressing the one minute button seen above will open the edit one minute bar window below.  Here you can change price and volume, insert a new one minute bar, or delete 1 or more one minute bars.  To delete multiple one minute bars highlight the desired rows and click delete.

To edit actual ticks click on the ticks button seen above.  This will open the edit ticks window below.

To edit or delete a tick, right click on the desired tick and select from the menu.


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