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Quote Screen

Select utilities, quote screen, new or open.  New will create a new quote screen.  Open will ask you to open a previously saved quote screen.

Type in the desired symbol in the Symbol column.  Remember to use capital letters if you data vendor requires them.  Right clicking on any symbol will bring up a  menu allowing you to set quote page parameters as well as the look of the quote screen.  You can also open up a chart of any symbol by double clicking on it or right clicking and selecting either 'open chart in new window' or 'open linked chart'. Selecting 'open linked chart' will open a chart window that is linked to the quote page.  This means that whatever symbol you double click, a chart of that symbol will open in the same chart window.


Right clicking on any column will bring up a menu allowing you to select what you want for that column.  Intervals in the top left corner of the window allows you to select time frame  for the chart(s) you can open by double clicking on any symbol or right clicking and selecting from the menu.


Click on the L button to make a chart liked or not with the quote screen.

If a chart is linked with the quote screen the button L will be green.


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