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Create/Edit Futures Window

Use the above window to create or edit parameters for a Futures group. We use this window to control futures contracts.
The program will create new futures contracts as needed and move old futures contracts to the archive folder.
The difference between the regular
 create new symbol window and the Create New Futures Group window is that here you must use wildcards for symbols. You will use a ?  for the month and  !  for the year. In the picture above we have a symbol from the real time data vendor eSignal. The program will automatically replace the ?  following the root symbol with the correct expiration month starting with the lead month and then 3 contracts out into the future.  For example, if you created this group on  January 1st, 2001 the program will create and collect data for the following symbols: NQ H1, NQ M1, NQ U1 and  NQ Z1. Note that eSignal uses a space between the root symbol and the month/year.

NOTE: Most symbols must use capital letters.

What is a Futures group?

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