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The page window allows you to save one or more chart windows as a page so that you can quickly open up multiple chart windows with a single mouse click.  Open the charts you want to include in a page.  Tile the charts on the screen the way you want them. Click page. From the page menu select save page. Type in the desired page name and click OK.  Opening a new page will move the current page to the background.  If you want to see the previous page again click on page and then double click on the desired page name. In other words, opening any page moves the currently displayed page to the background and the new page to the foreground.

The other page options are described below.

Open Page Opens the selected page
Close Page Closes all charts for the selected page.
Save Page Saves the current screen configuration as a page.
Save Page As Saves the screen configuration as a page with a new name.
Rename Page Renames the selected page.
Delete Page Deletes the selected page.
Close Closes the Page Window.


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